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There are huge disparities and a lack of health equity across the Asia Pacific, Middle East and Africa, leaving many people struggling to access the healthcare they need, when they need it.​

The Alliance & Partnerships for Patient Innovation & Solutions (APPIS) platform, organized and funded by Novartis, was established in 2021 to bring patient communities and key stakeholders in the healthcare ecosystem together to prioritize action towards addressing barriers to access for patients in the region.​

Since its inception, over 3,000 people across more than 65 countries, including 400 patient organizations, policy makers, payers, physicians, academics, and digital innovators, have come together on the APPIS platforms to share ideas and collaborate on patient innovation and solutions. ​

APPIS’ ongoing commitment to drive action encompasses our programs including the flagship region-wide APPIS Summit, the APPIS Innovator Program and local APPISx initiatives. ​

Join us and let's come together as a healthcare community to co-create solutions and create impact for patients throughout the region through exploring APPIS' key themes of health literacy, health policy shaping and future readiness.

APPIS Key Components


Health Literacy

Empowering meaningful conversations between patients and healthcare providers.

Health Policy Shaping

Patients shaping the future of health through real-world evidence.

Future Readiness

Preparing patients and healthcare providers for the future of healthcare, through greater understanding of the latest in social media, digital tools, and solutions in the world of healthcare.


Region-wide Summit

The annual virtual summit  brings the APPIS community together across the region through engaging  speakers and in depth country break-out discussions.

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Resource Center

Resources developed by APPIS stakeholders to identify and address pertinent issues faced by the patient organizations across the region.


APPIS Innovator

Amplifying patients’ voices by helping existing patient organizations scale further and continue to improve outcomes for healthcare consumers.




Country-level APPIS gatherings for patient groups and the broader healthcare community to focus on and address the topics of local importance.

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