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Reflecting on our journey since APPISx, we feel excited to see how far we've come. The "Heart Health India Foundation" has now been officially registered as an NGO in India. We're optimistic about maintaining this momentum and cherish our collaboration. APPISx is a game changer!

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Ram Khandelwal​

Founder, Heart Health India Foundation​

APPISx unites healthcare stakeholders in the country to address the unique challenges in the diverse healthcare system archetypes found across Asia Pacific, Middle East, and Africa. APPISx, in each country, plays a vital role in bringing together local patient organizations and healthcare stakeholders to delve deeper into urgent access challenges faced by patients, and partner together on actionable solutions. Held throughout the year, these sessions aim to form partnerships that incorporate patients’ voices in healthcare decision-making and solutions.



Click on the tabs below to read more about APPISx in the different countries.


Setting up the first cardiovascular patient organization in India

  • APPIS assembled a group of six cardiovascular patients and caregivers to strengthen patient voice by learning from their personal experiences.

  • Representatives from Ankylosing Society Welfare Organisation India, CureSMA India, Friends of Max, and the Blue Circle Diabetes Foundation brought their expertise and experience to help patients and caregivers establish The Heart Health India Foundation, the first cardiovascular patient organization in India.


Improved physician-patient communication on breast cancer through co-created solutions

  • APPIS also partnered with breast cancer patient organization representatives and physicians to identify ways and key aspects to improve patient-physician dialogues and eventually quality of life.

  • Collectively, the participants co-created a Wellbeing Tracker to empower breast cancer patients to measure their quality-of-life score at regular intervals and have meaningful conversations with their cancer treatment team , with an aim to roll out across India in collaboration with other patient groups.

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Reach out to if you want to collaborate or find out more information on how to take part in APPISx sessions in your country.

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