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Launched in 2022, the APPIS Innovator Program partners with patient organizations, providing support to grow and scale in order to accelerate access for patients to create further impact in healthcare.  

One of the key drivers behind the APPIS platform is to recognize patient organizations that have found innovative ways to elevate and amplify patients' voice, accelerate access to healthcare, address the unmet needs of communities and drive better health outcomes. The program ultimately strives to collaborate with patient organizations to drive impact on the ground and bring them closer to achieving their mission.

Read more about how APPIS has supported our first program winners here.

Categories for submission

Health Literacy

Innovative and impactful initiatives that have significantly driven disease awareness and scientific / medical knowledge sharing.

Health Literacy

Health Policy Shaping

Solid, scalable, and / or transferrable framework / methodologies that have enabled or accelerated access to healthcare, information, prevention, treatment, and care, in partnership with policy makers.

Health Policy Shaping

Digital Health & Communications

Digital Health & Communications

Disruptive initiatives that have transformed the role patient communities can play in health data collection, analysis, and insight generation; or viral digital campaigns that can be scaled up and amplified to improve health outcomes.

Qualifying Criteria for Patient Organizations

  • Any patient organization that is officially registered and demonstrating impact within Asia Pacific, Middle East, and Africa.

  • The organization must have an initiative that is on-going, or “live” at the time of submission.

  • The organization will have proven outcome or impact within their intended patient community, within the last 2 years.

  • Must be able to accurately represent the work done and impact achieved.

Why Apply?

Financial Support

To be channeled back to the initiative to create even bigger impact

hand holding star


Promotion of the initiative through APPIS platform and on-going engagement

The Opportunity


APPIS network and partnership with strategic stakeholders


coaching/membership and guidance from thought leaders within the patient community

Timeline and Selection Process

Mar 21st

Competition Launch

Apr 7th

Application Deadline

Apr 21st

Finalists Announcement

May 15th

Pitch Presentation

Jun 2023

Winners Announcement

Judging Criteria


  • What value has the initiative brought to patients?

  • How has it solved problems for patients?


  • Is it original and innovative?

Potential to Scale

  • Is it a one-off initiative or one that can scale and grow?

  • Is it a replicable model that can be adapted by other countries and/or disease areas?

Fit to Category

  • Does it address current gaps in Health Literacy, aid in Health Policy Shaping, or applied disruptive thinking in Digital Health and Communications?


  • Does the initiative show growth or improvement from the time of inception?

  • How can the support from the Innovator program help it further scale the initiative and increase impact?

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