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APPIS 2021

The APPIS initiative 2021 focused on partnering with the patient community to address the evolving capability needs of patient organizations across the Asia Pacific region and beyond.

APPIS Highlights


APPIS 2021 Summit Agenda


Drive Real-World Impact via Research-based Survey and Whitepaper

Summarized learnings from patient communities and supported short- and long-term dialogues with key stakeholders to address top unmet needs:

  • Sustainable funding

  • Raising disease awareness

  • Access to health news and information

Capability Building with APPIS Academy:

Offered ongoing capability modules, including multi-lingual workshops and online courses provided by APPIS partners, to address critical needs of patient groups.


Workshop: Corporate Relationships and Funding

Online course: Process of Medicines Discovery & Development

Online course: Role of Patients and Patient Organizations in Medicines


Workshop: How to reach patients and carers

Online course: Clinical Trials and Trial Management

August - October

Workshop: Heath Technology Assessment fundamentals

Followed by 5 market-specific workshops in India, Taiwan, Korea, Japan, and Singapore

November - December

Workshop: Genomics and new therapies (October/November)

Online course: Trial Participants' Rights and Obligations

Online course: Interpretation and Dissemination of Results

APPIS Academy Partners for 2021

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