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An esteemed expert panel of judges selected the winners under the categories of 'Health Literacy' and 'Health Policy Shaping' from a shortlist of five finalists based on their impact, innovation, sustainability and scalability.

Read more on our 2022 winners here:


ICanServe Foundation streamlines the breast cancer screening journey using data and digital tools

In the Philippines, breast cancer is the leading cause of mortality in women aged 35 to 54. To promote early detection, early diagnosis, access to timely and quality care of breast cancer, the APPIS Innovator Program and software startup Dashlabs supported the ICanServe Foundation in the Philippines to launch the Circle of Life initiative. This initiative aimed to develop a data and digital infrastructure of the organization's Ating Dibdibin breast cancer control program to streamline the screening journey.

To kick-off the process and better understand the bottlenecks in the health system, the Foundation conducted indepth interviews with patients, patient navigators, HCPs in community health centers to ensure the digital platform would overcome common pain points and be accessible and user-friendly for patient navigators. After using collated feedback to develop the digital platform and streamlined process, 23,000 women received breast cancer screenings, shortening the average time from diagnosis-to-treatment from 9 months to 45 days.

Additionally, the initiative helped to train more than 90 healthcare workers, with more impact expected across the country, as the program provided a digital infrastructure for data driven decision making, as well as a playbook for other local government units to plan and implement similar breast cancer control programs.

The Circle of Life initiative demonstrates the ability data and digital infrastructures have to simplify complex public health challenges and their potential to save lives.

Read for more details here.

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PsorPhil amplifies the patient voice through an online series

The APPIS Innovator Program also partnered with Psoriasis Philippines to broaden their weekly online show

'Weekends with PsorPh'l' which targets people living with psoriasis, to an expanded and more inclusive show entitled 'Wellness Weekends Philippines' (WWP). The expanded program streams every Saturday and covers other conditions such as cancer, diabetes and cardiovascular disease as well as psoriasis.

WWP has also produced a mini-series called My Patient Journey. The WWP Team partnered with 35 HCPs and 40 patient leaders and health advocates, and visited the patients at their homes and interviewed them about their patient journey. They shared their experience, how their condition started, how they were diagnosed, what are the burdens and challenges, and their aspirations as a patient. The WWP Team also visited doctors so they could give an overview of the condition.

WWP broadcast reached over 260,000 views in total and improved its live viewership by having an average of 600-800 views per live episode across Facebook and YouTube.

WWP has become one of the trusted channels for accurate and relevant information about health conditions, and its achievement demonstrates the power of storytelling through digital platforms to support patients to access accurate and scientific information to initiate meaningful discussions with their physicians.

Find out more, watch their videos and support their YouTube Channel here.


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